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Supernatural. Gen, PG. 200 words. Because my brain can't comprehend and simply refuses to believe in Sam's Black Sabbath hate. Title from Meat Loaf.

Look, Sam can bitch and whine about Dean's cock-rock music all he wants, but Dean knows it's mostly bullshit.

Because sometimes, the right song will pop up in a mix tape: there'll be a drum beat or a twanging guitar coming mostly clear through the speakers, and Sammy won't admit he likes it, but he'll tap his fingers along to the rhythm on the outside of his thigh just the same.

Because Sam can find different, very specific reasons to hate every single tape in Dean's cardboard collection, but he always finds something he'll listen to when he gets to drive. And unless Constance Welch decided to grab a Judas Priest cut and Double Vision that one time she tried to run them off the bridge, Dean's pretty sure he knows where those missing tapes are. Sam's old walkman spent four years calmly waiting in a corner of the trunk, and Dean never took it out. He hasn't seen it lately.

Yeah, Sammy can complain all he likes. Doesn't mean he doesn't know every lyric, every pause in the song, every crackle in the recording. Doesn't mean that he won't smile and maybe hum along when his brother's faking sleep.
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