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and he makes it fast with one more thing.
CWRPS. Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan. R. Yeah, I don't know either. Approx. 500 words. Unbetaed. Title from the Dire Straits. For Kate, just because.

Jeff doesn't carry a lighter, but he keeps barroom matchbooks in a bedside drawer. )
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nicotine for breakfast.
CWRPS. Jared/Jensen. R. Approx. 670 words. Because drunken boys have more fun. Title from the Dire Straits.

Jared drops into Jensen's bed giggling about something that's only funny with BAC above point-oh-nine. )
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and changes with the weather.
CWRPS. Jared/Jensen. R. Approx. 530 words. Schmoop warning. Love to Kate because she coded, even though she didn't have to. *cuddles* And yes, I did replace Stacy and House with Jensen and Jared. Why do you ask?

S'what, forty degrees in here. )
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and cut.
CWRPS. Jared/Jensen. R. Approx. 560 words. Because I'm feeling prolific tonight. For Kate, because I love her madly. *kisses*

In the morning, they go to work wearing sunglasses and Jared makes Blues Brothers jokes over a bottle of aspirin. )
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play the game tonight.
RPS. (Implied) Jensen Ackles/Wentworth Miller. PG. [livejournal.com profile] la_folle_allure forced me into a game of truth or dare so she could make me write her a Jensen/Wentworth strip poker ficlet. 150 words. Title from Kansas.

Call, raise, fold: their only conversation for most of the night. )

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